Lisa Unger

Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger

I can’t remember why I chose to buy this book.  Maybe it was on sale for the Kindle.  Maybe the summary looked interesting.  Either way, it had been sitting in my queue of unread books on my Kindle for awhile so I decided that it was just the type of book I wanted to read.  I like to mix up my genres and go from chick lit to suspense novels to memoirs and I try not to read two books of the same genre in a row.  Unless two really good chick lit books come out at the same time.

In “Beautiful Lies“, Ridley Jones is a normal 30-something woman in New York City when she gets thrust into the spotlight after saving a little boy from being hit by a car.  Out of the blue, she receives an old photo of a family and a simple note asking “Are you my daughter?”  Ridley is confused but asks her parents about it, who tell her she’s crazy and are offended that she’d even think that she was anything but their daughter.  Right at this same time, Ridley meets her hot new neighbor, Jake, who she is instantly attracted to, although he seems a bit dangerous and Ridley really doesn’t know anything about him.

Ridley confides in Jake about the photo and he immediately offers to help her do some research.  The deeper that Ridley and Jake get into both their research and their relationship, the more troubling things come to the surface about both Ridley’s family and Jake that make her regret not throwing away that picture and never saying a thing.  She starts to realize that the people who she loved and trusted may not be who she thought they were.  But she’s too far in and it’s too late to turn back…

I’m deliberately leaving a lot of details out, so I apologize for the short, vague summary.  I tend to only read the book jacket summary when I first download a book and then leave it sit for awhile before I read it, so I had no clue what this book was awhile when I first started reading it.  I think it helped add to the page-turningness (did I just make up a new word?) of the book.  Some of the reviews online aren’t very positive, but I actually liked this book.  The premise and the whole story is pretty unbelievable in reality, but really, what book isn’t like that?  I was surprised by a few turns that the story took that I didn’t guess beforehand (which I’m usually pretty good at doing).

This was Lisa Unger‘s first novel that came out a few years ago and since then, she’s released a few other books in the same suspense/thriller/mystery/whatever you want to call it genre.  I will be putting her on my list of “must read more of his/her books” authors!

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