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Frenemies by Megan Crane

Last week, I was in the mood for a chick lit book.  I didn’t have any waiting for me to read on my Kindle, so I thought I’d use the handy dandy Random Number Generator to help me pick a book from the Chick Lit 100 for me to read.   The number that came up was #30, so that’s what I read.

Frenemies” is about a Boston girl named Gus (short for Augustus) who is nearing the big 3-0.  Her life is going great until she realizes her boyfriend, Nate, was cheating on her with her old college roommate, Helen.  Gus actually catches them in the act – Nate’s housemate, Henry, lets Gus into the house one night when he knew that Nate and Helen were together kissing in the kitchen.  Because of this, Gus has developed a deep hatred toward both Helen and Henry, but not Nate.

Since Gus and Nate were friends before they started dating, Gus has to deal with running into Nate and Helen in public quite a bit because they still share the same social circle.  Gus’s two best friends, Georgia and Amy Lee, are sick of Gus whining about Nate and Helen and tell her to grow up and get over it.  That makes Gus even more angry, and to make matters worse, Helen is “stalking” Gus.  Helen doesn’t understand why she and Gus aren’t friends anymore (um, she stole Gus’s boyfriend!).  You see, Helen is one of “those girls”… one of the girls who everyone loves and is perfect in every way, but who can’t be friends with girls.

When Amy Lee tells off Gus and Georgia after a situation at a party, Gus is faced with the fact that maybe she does need to grow up and let things with Nate go, and it helps that her eyes are finally opened up to what her and Nate’s relationship really meant to him.  Gus also struggles with the fact that the person who she acts like she hates the most is the one who was trying to help her in the first place and may not have the worse intentions…

This book was a pretty quick and easy read.  Turns out, Megan Crane actually wrote it after watching the movie “Mean Girls“.  She thought that the movie didn’t show the worst of what can happen between girl friends and that’s what she set out to do in this book.  At some points, I found Gus slightly annoying and agreed that she was acting like a teenager and not a 29-year old, but maybe that was the point.  I wish that the characters would have been developed a bit more to add to the storyline a little.  Overall, it was okay, but not my favorite chick lit book ever.

Megan Crane has three other books published but nothing in the past few years.  The reviews for the other books seem pretty decent on Amazon so maybe I’ll check one of them out next time I’m itching to read a chick lit book.

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