Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Twenties Girl” is the newest novel from Sophia Kinsella, author of the wildly popular “Shopaholic” series.  It came out last summer and of course, I had to get it right away.  I think I actually may have downloaded it on my Kindle the day it came out.  I’ve read all of her other books, including the ones published under her REAL name, Madeleine Wickham.

This is a cute story about a young British woman named Lara who unwillingly befriends the ghost of her recently-passed great aunt.  The ghost doesn’t come back as an old woman, instead she comes back as a wild partying flapper from back in her younger days in the 1920′s (hence the book title, “Twenties Girl”).  Of course, Lara is the only one who sees and hears Sadie (that’s the great aunt/ghost) so there are quite a few situations where Lara looks like a crazy person when she talks to Sadie in public.  At first, Lara resists Sadie, but then she understands that Sadie won’t leave her alone until she finds the pearl and dragonfly (I love dragonflies, by the way) necklace that Sadie lost before she passed.  This sends Lara on a crazy quest to track down the necklace in order to get Sadie to leave her alone… until she realizes that she has actually become friends with Sadie the ghost and doesn’t want her to leave.  She’s learned to rely on her for advice and companionship.

I liked this book because although it was a chick lit book and there was a romance involved, it had a different spin to it and I’ve never read another chick lit book about a ghost (at least that I can remember).

P.S. “Twenties Girl” made it onto the Chick Lit 100!  And pretty close to the top of the list, I might add.

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