Faking It & Ordinary World by Elisa Lorello

I ran across this author, Elisa Lorello, while browsing for books for my Kindle; both books were under $2 each (score!) and I realized that there are a TON of other chick books for the Kindle that are super cheap.  By the way, both of these books are based on the same characters (I love reading series books, even if they are just two books rather than four or five).

The first book I read is “Faking It“.  It’s about a lonely and single writing and rhetoric professor named Andi who meets a male escort named Devin.  It’s not exactly what you think… she asks for his services, but not in the same way that every other woman is.  She asks him to teach her how to attract a man, and in return, she gives him writing lessons.  During their weekly classes, Andi learns to be more comfortable with herself and accepts herself for who she is, but she also starts falling for Devin in the process (even though they had agreed that they would not engage in a personal relationship).  Fast forward a bit –  Andi meets another writer geek (her words, not mine) named Sam at a conference.  They fall madly in love, and Andi realizes that Devin is never going to be what she wants him to be.  The end.

Five years later in “Ordinary World“, Andi and Sam are celebrating their five year anniversary.  That night, Sam is killed in a car crash by a drunk driving college student.  After making significant changes in her life since she met both Devin and Sam, Andi goes back into her shell and can’t cope with the loss of Sam.  She almost gets herself fired from her teaching job after flipping out on her students who are talking about getting drunk during her class.  Several months later while going through her drawers, she finds tickets for a trip to Rome that Sam had bought for them.  She decides that a trip may be the thing to get her out of her funk.  Who does she happen to run into when in Rome?  Devin, the former escort, now going by his real name, David.  I actually haven’t finished this entire book yet (I’m 86% of the way through it – I love the “percentage read” count, Kindle!) but I can probably guess how it ends.

I liked these books because it wasn’t like the typical chick lit types of books where everything seems so superficial and fluffy and unrealistic.  Well, the male escort thing is maybe a little unrealistic because I’m sure not many people know one of those (not me!).  Other than that, the books went into deeper issues such as confidence and body issues that women have and dealing with the death of a loved one (in both books actually; in the first book, Devin’s father passes away).  I’m looking forward to reading the end of “Ordinary World” and wish that Elisa Lorello had more books for me to read!

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