Julie & Julia – the movie

So…. this weekend, I broke down and watched the movie version of “Julie & Julia” (refer back to my post, “Julie & Julia” from a few weeks ago).  *Sigh*  I never like movies that are based on books.  Never.

As I had speculated in my blog post, Julia Child was so much more present in the movie than in the book, so that part was interesting.  You learn about how she moved to Paris and learned how to cook and got a book deal, etc.  I liked that.  However, it TOTALLY took away from poor Julie Powell!  If I were her, I’d feel totally gypped by the movie.  Maybe that doesn’t matter to her (or other people), but I felt like the movie barely paid any attention to her.  The movie showed her making maybe, what, 5 recipes out of 524?  Obviously, a movie can’t fit several hundred pages worth of words into  1 1/2 to 2 hours, but still.  Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a cute movie, but I am begging you, please, PLEASE, go out and read the book even if you have already seen the movie.  The movie does not give Julie Powell’s story justice at all.  Plus, the storyline bugged me: in the movie, she wants to start blogging and comes up with the Julia Child cookbook idea; in the book, she loves the cookbook but doesn’t even KNOW what a blog is until her husband explains it to her.  Annoying!  Just my thoughts.

P.S. I don’t plan on becoming a movie reviewer – I hate most movies – but I do feel that it is my job to tell you how much the movie versions of books suck.

  • http://www.carpetbaggery.com Carpetbagger

    I watched this with the Misses. It was better than I was expecting, though I never read the book.

    I did see Crazy Heart this weekend. REALLY like it and didn’t realize it was based on a novel by Thomas Cobb. On Amazon, the Houston Chronicle calls it “the finest country-western novel ever written, bar none.” Hmmm, better than Cormack McCarthy?? And speaking of him…

    Like you, I am afraid of movies after I read the book. I read and loved the haunting “The Road,” and have refused to see the movie for that very reason… even though it was filmed here. Did you?

  • http://fortheloveoflit.com Jaci

    I didn’t read “The Road” but my boyfriend did; he said it kind of gave him nightmares. Probably not my taste in books! He hasn’t seen the movie yet though. He wanted to go see it when it came out but it wasn’t showing nearby. Didn’t they film a part of it on the Turnpike?

    As for “Crazy Heart,” I didn’t know that was a book either. We’ll probably just get the movie when it comes out on Netflix.

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