One Night in Boston by Allie Boniface

Sorry I’ve been a little delayed in between postings; I haven’t had as much time to read lately.  I’ve been tending to start to fall asleep as soon as I pick up my Kindle.  Maybe that just means I should try to read at other times during the day than right before bed!

Anyway.  ”One Night in Boston”  by Allie Boniface is the most recent book I’ve read on my Kindle.  It wasn’t a free one, but it was maybe 5 bucks or so.

Maggie Doyle is a twenty-something interior designer with her own business that she runs out of the first floor of her house in Rhode Island.  She starts to develop some financial problems and is behind on her mortgage payments and the bank is going to be foreclosing on her house if she can’t come up with $16,000 ASAP.  Panicked, Maggie agrees that she’ll have the money by noon the following day.  She decides to ask her stepbrother, Dillon, who lives in Boston and runs a successful landscaping business, to ask him to loan her the month.  The problem – Maggie and Dillon haven’t spoken in about 6 years due to something that happened when they were both teenagers.  Maggie’s best friend is recruited to try to find Dillon and finds out that he’ll be at a charity ball in Boston that evening and gets Maggie and her assistant Neve tickets.  When Maggie gets to the ball, she runs into someone from her past that she never imagined would come back into her life.  That night, she has to face some difficult parts of her past that she had tried so hard to put behind her.

I’ve left out a large part of the story from the middle to the end because I think it’s better not to know before you pick up the book.  This book wasn’t bad, but there were some issues with it that kind of bothered me.  (This won’t ruin the story for you.)  Maggie focuses so much on Dillon at the beginning of the book before the ball, but after that, he isn’t in the story at ALL until the end; someone else takes up all of her focus during that time.  Which is fine, but it just seemed at the beginning like he was a really important part to the story, but really, it’s like he’s not.  Otherwise, the story isn’t bad, but it wasn’t one of my favorites.

Allie Boniface has a few other books out, some with covers of shirtless men…?  (This book was not one of those types of books… trust me.)  There seems to be an overall theme of her books of “Can anything really change in twenty-four hours?”.  I may pick up another one of her books sometime just to see how the storyline is put together compared to this one.

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