The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

This is the first real book I’ve read in awhile.  By “real book”, I mean a book made of paper.  When the movie came out last year, I wanted to download it on my Kindle but it wasn’t available.  My mom recently borrowed this book from a coworker so I jumped right on that, especially since I knew I would use my super-duper fast book reading skills to be able to get it back to her quickly.

The Time Traveler’s Wife” is about a man named Henry who has time traveling skills; he first learns of this ability as a young child.  He can go back in time, sometimes forward, and even back in time to himself at another age.  When he time travels, he can’t take anything with him so every time he ends up somewhere, he’s naked and has to learn to obtain clothes and other supplies.  The story is also about a woman named Clare, who  meets Henry as a time traveler when she is a young child and helps him by getting him clothes, food, etc.  Even though she is just a young girl and Henry is an adult when they meet, they build a special bond and Henry visits her many times up throughout her teenage years.  The time traveling parts do get confusing (my mom warned me of this) – it goes back and forth to different years, Henry’s and Clare’s ages are listed each chapter so you know what time period it’s taking part in and whether or not Henry is time traveling.  I’m actually maybe jumping around a bit here in the summary because it’s so hard to go in order of the actual book, but you get the point.

Henry and Clare meet up in “real time” and while Clare has known Henry all of her life, “real time” Henry doesn’t know that he knows Clare but she fills him in on the whole situation.  They fall in love (more so than they already were) and become married.  The rest of the story other than these main points that I mentioned tells more details about how both Henry and Clare got to where they were and what their future is like together and how they deal with his time traveling “chrono-displacement” disease.

So let me tell you… I loved this book.  Yes, loved.  My mom was a little iffy about it because it jumped around, and sometimes after I put the book down for awhile, I had to flip back a few pages to remember what year/age I was last reading about.  Other than that, something about it was just so… romantic?  I’m not sure how to explain it.  The book didn’t make me cry, but just imaging the strength of the love between Clare and Henry really got me.  Normally I’d say something like “I wish I had a Henry”, but I’m pretty darn happy with my Matt.  And luckily, he doesn’t time travel (unless there’s something he’s not telling me).

Has anyone seen the movie?  I wanted to wait to see it until I read the book.  I’m sure I’ll be disappointed because how the heck could they fit all of the details into a 2 hour movie?  They can’t.  Is the movie going to make me cry?  I bet it will… sappy Rachel McAdams movies do that to me (like “The Notebook”).

  • Melissa

    uh, yes you will cry. that movie was a tear jerker for sure. even ryan cried…in the theater…:-D it was good though.

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