Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

I’ve read all of Emily Giffin’s previous books and have really liked them.  I knew she was coming out with a new one soon, but then I kind of forgot to look for it on Amazon until just a week or two ago.  It had only been released in mid-May, so I wasn’t too far behind!

The story starts with Nick, who is a pediatric plastic surgeon, and his wife Tessa celebrating their anniversary, when Nick gets a page and has to go into the hospital for an emergency.  On another side of town, single mother Valerie sends her young son, Charlie, to a sleepover at a friend’s house.  Charlie gets severely burned while making s’mores at this sleepover and Nick is the doctor assigned to the reconstructive surgery that he will need on his face and hand.

During Charlie’s time in the hospital, Valerie will not leave his side and feels tremendous guilt for letting him go to the sleepover (she had originally wanted him to stay home) and anger toward the family at whose house this happened.  She talks often with Nick, who treats her son wonderfully, and you could say that they become friends.  In the meantime, Tessa begins to feel that Nick is becoming distant and after one mysterious text message that she reads on his Blackberry, she suspects him of cheating.

Valerie finds herself getting in deeper and deeper with Nick, who is like the father than Charlie has never had.  She tries to tell herself that they are just friends, but their relationship has advanced much farther than that.  Their relationship does eventually cross the line and Valerie, Nick, and Tessa all are faced with difficult decisions about their future.

I really really liked this book, even though at times the story itself was difficult to read because the characters were in such painful positions and it made you feel bad for them.  I just love Emily Giffin’s writing, though.  She actually works in characters from her previous books into this one and it took me awhile before the lightbulb went off in my head and I realized it: Tessa is the sister of Dex, from “Something Borrowed”.

Speaking of “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue“,  I read them several years ago and really should re-read them.  Did you know they’re making “Something Borrowed” into a movie with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin?  It’ll be released sometime next year.

  • Lindsay

    Jaci – I’ve been wanting to re-read Emily Giffin’s first two books too! We should go see the movie when it comes out. :-)

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