Sliding into Home by Kendra Wilkinson

There aren’t too many other girls that I know who DIDN’T watch the original “The Girls Next Door” on E!.  It was just one of those shows where your curiosity got the best of you and you just wanted to know what went on behind the scenes of the Playboy Mansion and what it was like to be a girlfriend of a rich (VERY rich), old man who likes to wear robes and sailor hats.

I went into reading “Sliding into Home” not expecting any literary work of genius (and literary work of genius it was not).  This is the story of Kendra Wilkinson, the third and youngest former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner during the “Girls Next Door” days.  Kendra sets out to explain what made her the person she is today, including her rough upbringing.  As a child, Kendra’s father walks out on the family and she is raised by her mom and grandma.  Once she reaches her teen years, she begins to rebel and gets involved with the wrong crowd.  She gets heavily involved in alcohol and a variety of different drugs and is in and out of high school and even does short stint in rehab.  Everything her mom tries to do to help doesn’t work.  At one point, when Kendra almost overdoses, it wakes her up and makes her realize that she doesn’t want to her life to be THAT anymore.

Once she cleans herself up and finishes high school, she begins dating another guy who she feels is so much better for her.  She gets a job as a dental assistant and her life seems to be on the right track… until she begins to get bored of her job and is looking for a new way to make ends meet.  She and her boyfriend attend a lot of car shows and she starts to get attention by photographers and begins to model with cars and motorcycles.  That helps her build confidence in herself that she didn’t really have before and leads her to a new job as a stripper.

My memory is a little fuzzy on how the transaction from stripping to Playboy happened (that’s what I get for not blogging immediately after I finish a book and it’s too hard to look something up again on my Kindle), but basically she was called to work at a Playboy party and Hef took a liking to her and asked her to be his girlfriend and move in (very quickly, I may add).  She was a little hesitant at first, especially because she still had a boyfriend, but figured she couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that.

Then, as you know, she met Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, they got pregnant, married, and are living happily ever after.  The book goes into a lot more detail about how they met (and had to keep their relationship a secret for so long) and what her life is like now.

The part of the book that I was really interested in was went on behind the scenes of “The Girls Next Door” and the mansion.  I’m not going to tell you those juicy details – you’re going to have to read the book and find out yourself!  It was pretty much what I expected, I guess, but it is just a bit shocking for someone to actually confirm those things.  Kendra talked about her relationship with Holly and Bridget and the mansion staff and how she really felt about Hef.  I also had no idea she was a stripper or how bad her drug problem really was, so that was a surprise for me.  Overall, it wasn’t the best book I have ever read, but I find it interesting to go “behind the scenes” and learn about someone “famous”.  I also give Kendra credit for ‘fessing up to her sketchy past and putting it all out there (in more ways than one).

P.S. So while doing a little bit more research and planning on venting about how much I can’t stand the new girlfriends (mostly the twins, I don’t mind Crystal as much), I found out that the twins are actually no longer his girlfriends (Wikipedia stated that they both had other boyfriends and moved out earlier this year).  The spin-off show, “The Bunny House”, aired a pilot in August where the twins moved into the guest house or whatever it’s called with some more of the Playmates.  I have no clue if it got picked up or will be continued though – I don’t remember even hearing about it or seeing it.  Crystal is apparently his only girlfriend now.

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