Uncubicled by Josh McMains

I’m not quite sure what drew me to this book (the low price helped), but the thought of a “corporate” thriller intrigued me.  Apparently that is the type of book you get when an electrical engineer and Dr. Pepper addict decides to take a stab at a novel.

Joe Tompkins was a normal guy, a software engineer working in the corporate world.  Everyone has annoying coworkers, and one day, Joe couldn’t take it anymore and smacked his coworker, Gilmore, in the face with a computer keyboard (that part actually made me laugh… am I a sick person?) and started a domino effect.  Joe hid in the bathroom, then fled the office building, thinking he was a fugitive.  When no one tried stopping him, he decided to flee town and then maybe kind of robbed a bank (can you rob a bank if it’s your own money?).

At the same time, Ned Dyer, also a software engineer, leads a pretty normal life but is always looking over his shoulder.  Three years prior, he received a threat that told him to leave his job in Georgia and not tell anyone why he was leaving (and Ned didn’t even know why).  Ned moved back to Illinois and started his life over and even gained a fiancée, Sue.   One night at dinner, Ned got the feeling that something was wrong and he was right – Sue ended up getting kidnapped in the parking lot and Ned also got captured by members of the “Agency” for questioning.

Along the way, you learn about Joe and Ned’s past and how their former coworkers, Meg, Dan, Schultz, and Fischer, get involved in this fiasco and run both from the law and from the people from this “Agency” who are trying to kill them.  Not everyone is who they seem…

While my summary may not make this book sound like the most interesting book out there, I was hooked.  If I tell you too much about the plot, it’ll give it all away.  What I loved about this book was that it was told slightly out of order and each section was noted by date/time and focused mainly on the experience of one or a few characters.  It made me pay attention more in order to try to piece together what was going on and how everything tied together.  The book seemed really long compared to some of the other Kindle books I read (Amazon says it’s 372 pages) but a LOT went on.  I wasn’t even halfway through the book and I couldn’t believe how much had taken place already.  It kept me reading.

Another thing I loved about this book is that I could relate to the characters in a certain sense.  The characters were normal people who got caught up in a crazy situation.  The one catch is that the book does get into some software programming descriptions and such, so that may be a turn-off to some people.  I thought it was interesting.  I did feel like the end was a little harder to read… maybe too much explanation and not enough action anymore.

Overall, I think this was a great effort by first time writer, Josh McMains.  I’ve heard that he may try to make a sequel, which would be awesome, since the end was left open for more to happen.  Just a heads up, if you’re looking to find this book, either buy it for the Kindle ($2.99) or you can also get a PDF version to download for only a few bucks on the website, www.uncubicled.com.  Go out and buy the book so it’ll convince Josh McMains to write a follow up!

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