Still Life by Joy Fielding

Joy Fielding is one of my favorite authors.  My mom introduced me to her books a few years ago.  I’ve read quite a few of them so far but nothing lately… I hadn’t really heard about any new ones coming out.  I think the last one I read was “Charley’s Web“.  I like that she always writes about a strong female lead character and there’s always a twist in the story.

Still Life” starts with Casey, a successful interior designer around 30-ish, having lunch with her two best friends, Janine and Gail.  Janine is sleek, sophisticated, and sometimes a little abrasive, while Gail is basically the opposite.  Casey breaks that news that she and her husband, Warren, are going to try to get pregnant.  When lunch is done, Casey walks alone back to the parking garage where she parked.  Right as she is approaching her car, she hears tires squealing and a motor revving.

When Casey wakes up, she’s in the hospital and can hear people around her talking but can’t see anything and doesn’t understand what’s going on.  Turns out that Casey was run down by a hit-and-run driver and is in a coma.  She can’t see, move, or speak, but can hear, but of course, no one knows that because she has no way of communicating.

Casey starts to learn tidbits about what happened to her and is hoping they catch who did it.  As she lays in the hospital, helpless, with her husband at her side, she is shocked to hear the REAL story when people talk in front of her (not knowing that she can hear, of course).  Casey recovers from her broken bones and other injuries and is taken home, still in a coma.  She tries to communicate with her younger sister, Drew, who she’s had a rocky relationship with in the past.  For the most part, Casey is still immobile and can’t speak, so she has almost no control over what happens to her and can’t stop some people from finishing out the job they set out to accomplish…

Hope I didn’t give too much away!  I don’t think I’ve disliked any of Joy Fielding’s books, but I really really liked this one.  The entire story was told from Casey’s perspective (although not in the first person) while she was in a coma.  While she can’t interact, she could hear the action going on around her and would slip in and out of sleep and would have vivid dreams/memories about things that happened to her in the past.  This wasn’t the typical thriller/suspense novel and I dug that.  I was pulling for Casey the whole time, wishing she’d wake up and be able to take control again.

Joy Fielding has authored a number of thriller/suspense novels (some of the ones on her Amazon page look to be translated into… German?).  I think I’ve read most of these except two or so.  If you like this genre, I’d recommend picking up a few of her books – I know you’ll love them!

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