What Stays in Vegas by Beth Labonte

I spot a theme here recently with me and books about Vegas.  When I was contacted to read and review this book, I knew it was something that I’d be interested in doing – especially since it seems to take a bit of a different path than the other Vegas-related book that I reviewed a few months ago.

“What Stays in Vegas” is about a young woman named Tessa who is an administrative assistant at a New England architectural and design firm.  You could say that she isn’t really happy with her life – she’s in a dead-end job, she has a major crush on a dreamy coworker named Nick (who is married), and the weather sucks.  When she gets the opportunity to temporarily transfer to the Las Vegas branch of her company to fill in for someone on maternity leave, she jumps at the chance.

In Vegas, she works as an admin for Kendra, daughter of the owner of the company and a crazy (in a fun way) chick who has become slightly crazier after her husband leaves her and she decides to really take advantage of Vegas’ crazy nightlife.  Tessa starts to really enjoy herself in Vegas and Kendra becomes a friend (and Tessa becomes her confidante and the one who tries to keep her focused).  Tessa does miss Nick, but they still talk quite a bit and he seems to not be happy in his marriage.  Tessa also begins to hang out with some of the guys in her office, sweet but kinda nerdy ones who treat her like a buddy or a sister.  But when Nick decides to take a little trip to Vegas to visit Tessa, will she finally get the chance to go after her dream guy?

I really enjoyed reading this book and really liked some of the characters.  Only some, because I ended up changing my mind about others as the book went on!  Intended, I’m sure.  Tessa seemed like a girl who could be a friend of mine.  And Kendra, even though she seemed a little off-the-rails at some points, was very likable as well.  The story wasn’t as much a story about Vegas as it was a story about friends and relationships.

This was author Beth Labonte’s second book, and the first one, “Coffee Breath”, is one I definitely want to read too even though it’s in a little bit of a different genre.  And if you want a good laugh about office life, check out her blog, Secretary 4 Life.  As a huge fan of “The Office” and a corporate worker myself, her posts and observations crack me up.

P.S. “What Stays in Vegas” is only 99 cents for the Kindle!  Go!  Now!

  • Beth

    Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it!

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