Why I Can’t Read Candace Bushnell

Why?  Why can’t I read Candace Bushnell books?

I own two of her books, “Lipstick Jungle” and “One Fifth Avenue“.  I am a big fan of the Sex and the City TV show and movie but heard that the original “Sex and the City” book was totally different from the show (so I’m sure I wouldn’t like that either).  I first bought “Lipstick Jungle”.  I got maybe 100 pages or less into it and couldn’t read it anymore.  It was just…. I don’t know.  I was bored.  It was dull.  I wasn’t looking forward to the next page, the next chapter.  All I got from it was this: there were three women.  One worked in fashion, one was a writer (maybe?), don’t remember the other.  One had an affair with a younger guy.  I didn’t find anything memorable about the story.  Maybe I didn’t read far enough into the book, but still, my attention should have been grabbed from the get-go.  Then I thought I’d watch the version of the “Lipstick Jungle” TV show that was on NBC….. how long did that one last again before being cancelled?

I thought that maybe that book was just a dud for me and another one of hers would be better, so I went out and bought “One Fifth Avenue” when it came out.  Same thing… I only made it 100 page or so before putting down the book and never picking it back up.  All I got from it: there are a bunch of rich people that live in an NYC apartment building.  Bor-ing.

Is it just me?  Do I have high standards when it comes to storylines and character development?  Do I have ADD and need more excitement in order for a book to keep my attention?  Am I just crazy?  I don’t have this problem with many other books/authors, usually I can pick up and read almost anything.  Does anyone totally disagree with me (or maybe you DO agree with me)?  I think I’ve given up on Ms. Bushnell.

On a related note: anyone want to swap for two Candace Bushnell books?

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