Amazon Kindle = Awesomeness

I swear I’m not being paid by Amazon to talk about how much I love my Kindle (although I wish I were… free book credits maybe?  Please?).  I know that it’s still out of the price range for some people and maybe other people don’t read often enough to think that it’s “worth” it.  When I first got my Kindle, my boyfriend figured out that it would take me something like 47 books in order for the Kindle to pay itself off, taking into account the money I’d save on buying Kindle books rather than real books from a store.  I’ve already downloaded about 70 books on it since I got it in June; I’d say almost half are free, half are ones that I had to pay for.  Kindle books range from free (yay!) to $14.99 (those are the most expensive I’ve seen), but most of the books are $9.99.  The price of the Kindle 2 (what I have) went down over the past 9 months from $359 to $259 for the 6 inch screen version.  The Kindle DX is new and has a bigger 9.7 inch screen, better for reading newspapers online and probably better for people who need to make the text bigger.  I’m sure they’ll be coming out with another version sometime soon; the Kindle 2 had a lot of updates that the original Kindle didn’t have and it came out only mere months after the original version.

A fellow Pittsburgh blogger over at Carpetbaggery wrote a great blog post the other day about the Kindle; click here to take a gander.  He brings up some interesting points and really makes you think about what the future of books could be.

  • pittchick

    I’m very curious about the Kindle, or another mobile reading device, since I travel quite a bit. Are you able to read magazines on it as well?
    I would love to try one out before plunking down all that money. I need to be sure that I would use it a lot and I do read quite a bit, so I would also be concerned about how much I would end up spending on books.
    Perhaps the next time we have lunch you can bring it along?
    I would also prefer a hard keyboard as opposed to a soft one, so I haven’t looked into the other e-readers much. I have discovered that I’m not a fan of audiobooks. How do you feel about them?

  • Jaci

    I don’t travel as much as you do, but I have used it when flying before and it’s really handy when I go visit my boyfriend’s family across the state so I don’t have to lug a book or two in my bags. There are some other ones out there from Sony and Borders, but I’m not sure if they’re as user-friendly as the Kindle and I know that their book selection is smaller. The Kindle’s keyboard has hard keys/buttons as opposed to soft, but the only time you really use them is to search in the Kindle store online (the page turning buttons are hard, too). The thing that I like is that the “next page” buttons are on both the right and left sides; I tend to always use the button on the left side even though I’m right handed.

    The price is pretty high, but if you read a lot, I think it’s worth it and it is soooo convenient. Plus, I ran out of room for real books in my bookcase, so this works great. The only downside is that if I really like a book that I got for my Kindle, I can’t give it to someone else to borrow. The price of books depends on the type of books that you read. If you always read NYT Best Sellers and new releases, you’ll probably be paying around $10 per book (which is still cheaper than you’d find in most bookstores). If you’re open to trying new authors and genres, you can find some really good books for under $5 each or free! Most of my 75 Kindle books have been free or cheap books.

    I’ve never used the audio book feature yet; I’d rather read than listen to a book.

    I’d be more than happy to show it off to you someday! Let me know when you’re up for lunch in Oakland or elsewhere.

  • Addie

    I didnt know you had a Kindle! Sounds really cool. And you obviously read A LOT. Omg I cant remember the last time I finished a book lol. Yay! I’m glad you like it :) My aunt has one and also loves it.

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