Exposure/Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins

Two books in one post!  I started reading Brandilyn Collins recently because these two books were free on Kindle, of course.  I like reading thriller and mystery types of books as long as they aren’t too complicated; I think I have a pretty short attention span.  Both of these books were really easy to follow but definitely surprised me at the end – but I’m not saying why!!

Exposure” is is interesting because there are really two stories going on within one, each chapter alternates between storylines.  In one story, a bank manager, Martin, partners with the mafia to help pull of a bank robbery, but when the mafia guy comes back to collect the cash, Martin is murdered.  His wife and daughter are a witness to this and then need to figure out how Martin was involved .  Once his wife figures it out, she has to figure out how to keep the mafia away so she doesn’t get herself and her daughter killed, too.  In the other story, a newspaper columnist named Kaycee who writes about her own fear and paranoia.   She soon finds herself in a situation where she’s questioning her fears and wondering if they’re in her own head or if it’s really happening.  When a young girl that she is close to is kidnapped, the fear and paranoia gets worse until Kaycee is finally forced to confront her worst fears.  I’ll let you read the book and figure out the rest!

Dark Pursuit” is about a girl name Kaitlin, a recovering drug addict, who has cleaned her life up, gotten a good job, and has a great boyfriend who is a police officer.  After coming home from work one day to find a dead woman on her bed, Kaitlin knows her boyfriend is involved and is afraid for her life.  She goes to her estranged grandfather for help, who happens to be an author of crime novels.  They devise a plan to keep Kaitlin safe and to confront her boyfriend, of course, things go terribly wrong.

I liked both of these books, they kept me on my toes (is that possible when reading a book?) and I wanted to turn the page to see what happened next.  Most of the mystery/thriller books that I like happen to have a female main character; perhaps it helps me identify with them more.  Brandilyn Collins has a number of other books in this genre and most of them seem to be parts of short (three to four book) series.  If all of her other books are like these two, I’ll definitely keep reading.

  • http://www.brandilyncollins.com Brandilyn Collins

    Jaci, thanks for your post. Glad to hear you enjoyed this books.

    I love my Kindle, too. :]


    ~ Brandilyn

  • http://www.pittchick.com pittchick

    Have you read anything by Patricia Cornwell? I’m a big fan of her books and I think they’re an easy read.

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