Thanks for visiting!  I’m a book addict named Jaci and I live in Pittsburgh, PA.  I started this blog as a way to share my love of reading with others.  I’ve always loved to read (when I was younger, I used to read at the dinner table all the time – how rude of me) and I try to read a little bit almost every day. I’m also an incredibly fast reader, so you can imagine how expensive it can get when I go through books that quickly.  This isn’t the type of book review blog that analyzes the symbolic meaning of this and that and the other (I’m not that deep).  I just want to tell you about books that I read that I liked – or maybe didn’t like – and why you may like them.  I also want to hear about your recommendations!  Happy reading, all.

  • http://www.charliecarillo.com charlie carillo

    many thanks for the kind and thoughtful words about my book. my next novel, “one hit wonder,” comes out in september.


    charlie carillo

  • Pooja


    I just came across your blog n I loved it, especially your post on the ultimate 100 list of chick lit. I too came across it, just a few days back and have started reading them :)

    I was recenlty introduced to the genre and now want to read as many from the list as possible.

    Would love to discuss them with you :)

  • http://www.charliecarillo.com charlie carillo

    hello jaci, just wanted you to know my first two published novels are now on kindle for $2.99 each – “shepherd avenue” and “my ride with gus.” enjoy!

  • Pk1maxwell

    Love your style of blogging-very funny! You should write a chick lit book!
    Your Mom told me about this site (so glad she did!) Love the site-love your Mom (I work with her!)
    Patty M. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Patty! :) Please let my mom know if you have any good book suggestions for me!

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2012 Reading Challenge
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