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Like Free Books?

Are you on Goodreads yet?  If not, you should be.  One of the reasons why is because you can get free books!  Let me explain.  There’s a section in Goodreads called First Reads.  Authors list a giveaway of a hard copy of their book.  They can give out one, or they can give out 100, whatever they want.  The giveaways are listed for a limited amount of time and you can sort through by ones that are ending soon, popular, most requested, etc.  Goodreads users can enter to win by just giving their mailing address.  THAT’S IT!  So easy.

The books listed are ones that haven’t been released to the public yet.  The whole idea is that if you win, you get a “first read” of it so that you can start to post reviews early to help promote the book.  And you don’t need a blog or anything to do that; you can just post a review on Goodreads.

I am SO excited because I finally was chosen for a giveaway!  And it’s a book that I was going to buy anyway.  Score!  I’ll be getting “The Song Remains the Same” by Allison Winn Scotch.  I guess it’ll take a few weeks to get to me, but that should still be in advance of the release date of April 12.  I’ll be posting about it here as soon as I’m done!

It’s also a good way to learn about up-and-coming new authors and releases, and who knows, maybe you’d win a book from someone new to you and gain a new favorite author!

A Life That Fits by Heather Wardell

So remember how excited I was when I received my first request to review a book?  Imagine my excitement when I got another request!  Heather Wardell asked me to read and blog about her book and I was so pumped to see that it was just the type of book that I love to read.

A Life That Fits“ is about a girl named Andrea in her late 20′s.  She’s been with her boyfriend Alex for…. well, pretty much forever!  They have been dating for 14 years and  have been living together but aren’t engaged.  Yet.  Andrea is on her way home from a business trip and is convinced that Alex will be at home waiting for her with a ring and a proposal, based on the way he’s been acting lately.  Oh, was she wrong.  Turns out, Alex confesses that he’s leaving her for another woman.  Andrea is devastated (rightly so!) and falls into a depression and can’t even make it into the office for work.

Alex had told Andrea that his “other woman” was basically Andrea’s total opposite.  Andrea finally gets back up on her feet after deciding that she’ll become her opposite and maybe that’ll be what Alex wants and he’ll come back.  She is more outgoing, dresses in clothes that she normally wouldn’t buy (colors!!), etc.  This helps Andrea in a few ways, making new female friends, for example, but also hurts her.  She is basically ousted from her job, but luckily has already accepted an offer with another company in the office park.  She has a new girl friend at the new job, and she also develops a crush on a coworker that starts to develop into more.  But Andrea is torn…. she likes her new life, but does she still like it if Alex isn’t in it?

At first, I wasn’t sure about Andrea because I was getting mad that she wasn’t snapping out of her funk.  But then I wondered how I would feel if I were in her shoes.  After she developed her opposite plan (even though I didn’t support her going back to Alex), I began to root for her and hope she would realize that she didn’t need Alex to be happy.  I rooted for her even more when she started to get eyes for another man!  Go Andrea!  I also wanted to punch Alex.

There are some little twists and turns in this book that I didn’t quite expect and some others that I kinda figured out on my own.  The characters were written as normal everyday people… nothing glamorous or fancy, but people like who you may personally know.  Those are the kinds of characters I really like and can totally relate to.  I can’t wait to read more of Heather Wardell’s books!  She has six other books out, and if you have a Kindle… they’re either free or $0.99!  Awesome!  In fact, I just downloaded her first book, “Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo, as I was writing this post.  It’ll be next on my list to read.  Thanks for the opportunity to read your book, Heather!

Ebooks Galore!

I recently won a Twitter contest from Twitterer @ReadersWin and received several free ebooks.  Through this contest and gathering my winnings, I learned of a new (to me) website, Smashwords.  Smashwords is an ebook paradise.  I’m not quite sure how many ebooks are available on the site, but it claims to have published over 1 billion words (if someone is really good at math – not me – I’m sure they can estimate how many words are typically in a book, etc. and figure it out).

A lot of the ebooks on the site seem pretty inexpensive (pretty comparable to what I see Kindle ebooks go for) and there are even free ones you can browse through.  It seems like Smashwords is the place to be for indie or first-time authors.  What a great way to find some new favorite authors!  Bonus: you don’t have to just read these ebooks on your computer.  You can download the ebook in multiple formats including Kindle, iPad, Nook, and many others.  The ones that I received are going to be sent to my Kindle as soon as I remember to do it.

Are there any other sources to find good ebooks?

(Side note: the word “ebook” starts to look really strange when you type it as many times and I did in this post.)

And the winner is… (plus another announcement!)

Alrighty, the contest ended last night to win “One Fifth Avenue” by Candace Bushnell.  And who was the winner?

Random Number GeneratorEntry #1… Pittchick!  Congrats, Jen!

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the most successful giveaway ever.  What would people be more interested in winning?  Gift cards?  New releases?  Hmm… I will have to ponder that for the future.

Do you want to know what my other announcement is?  My blog is now available on the Kindle!!!  I know, right?  How fitting!  A few days ago, a friend on Twitter (and also a new Kindle owner!) told me that I should check it out; I didn’t even realize that it was possible.  I knew that you could read blogs on there, but I didn’t think that any old person could put theirs on there.

ScreenshotHow awesome is that?!?  I’m published (kind of, not really)!  It DOES cost Kindle users $1.99 per month to subscribe to the blog via the Kindle, but I guess if someone really wants to read it and they don’t already read it online, well then, they will do just that.  I don’t even care if anyone subscribes or not… either way, it’s just cool to see my name on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle = Awesomeness

I swear I’m not being paid by Amazon to talk about how much I love my Kindle (although I wish I were… free book credits maybe?  Please?).  I know that it’s still out of the price range for some people and maybe other people don’t read often enough to think that it’s “worth” it.  When I first got my Kindle, my boyfriend figured out that it would take me something like 47 books in order for the Kindle to pay itself off, taking into account the money I’d save on buying Kindle books rather than real books from a store.  I’ve already downloaded about 70 books on it since I got it in June; I’d say almost half are free, half are ones that I had to pay for.  Kindle books range from free (yay!) to $14.99 (those are the most expensive I’ve seen), but most of the books are $9.99.  The price of the Kindle 2 (what I have) went down over the past 9 months from $359 to $259 for the 6 inch screen version.  The Kindle DX is new and has a bigger 9.7 inch screen, better for reading newspapers online and probably better for people who need to make the text bigger.  I’m sure they’ll be coming out with another version sometime soon; the Kindle 2 had a lot of updates that the original Kindle didn’t have and it came out only mere months after the original version.

A fellow Pittsburgh blogger over at Carpetbaggery wrote a great blog post the other day about the Kindle; click here to take a gander.  He brings up some interesting points and really makes you think about what the future of books could be.

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