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Spinning Forward by Terri Dulong

Did you know that there is practically a genre for novels that are based around knitting?  There are mysteries, dramas, et cetera.  I ran across this book on the Kindle recently and it helped inspire me to teach myself how to knit!

Spinning Forward” is about a 50-something woman named Sydney who has just received the shock of her life – her husband passes away… and she also finds out that he has left the family broke.  Sydney’s daughter, her only child, is already out of the house, so Sydney decides that she wants to get away from New England and start her life over again.  She decides to visit her friend who owns a bed and breakfast on a little island off the coast of Florida.  Once she gets there, she doesn’t want to leave.  She opens a business to sell her hand-spun yarn and goes through some adventures.  She meets numerous characters along the way – a man who at first, she doesn’t like, but then becomes a love interest for her, an older woman who she befriends and who helps her at the yarn shop, that woman’s eccentric and non-social sister, an older gentleman who tells her about the history of the community.  Throughout her journey, Sydney is also struggling with the decision of whether or not to start the search for her birth mother (she was adopted).

This book was a pretty easy/quick read.  Some of the parts were perhaps a little unbelievable (you can figure out which parts yourself if you read the book), but it was good as a entertaining, mindless read.

Terri Dulong has another book coming out this fall called “Casting About”…. get it?  Casting on?  Knitting?  Okay… non-knitters probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

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