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Upcoming Books-Turned-TV Movies


I was watching a Law & Order marathon on TNT this morning and saw a promo for a bunch of mystery/thriller movies coming up at the end of the month.  One that caught my eye was a TV-movie version of Sandra Brown’sRicochet“.  I’m a big fan of Sandra Brown but sadly, I can’t remember if I read this book!  I own a bunch of hers and would assume that I have read it, but it’s not on my Goodreads list (which only goes back over a year) and it’s not on my bookshelf.  Hmm.  Maybe I borrowed it from my mom.  Either way, I want to watch it (or at least DVR it).  John Corbett (Aidan from Sex and the City) is in it.  (And he looks really good in the promos.  None of that scraggly longish hair.)  It airs November 30th on TNT.  Here’s a bit more about it and the promo clip from Sanda Brown’s own blog.

Another one that I heard about recently is a movie adaptation of Jodi Picoult’sSalem Falls” on Lifetime.  Jodi Picoult is another one of my favorite authors and I can confirm that I own and have read this book.  She’s had a few other books made into Lifetime movies, like “Plain Truth” (which I blogged about here) and “The Pact” (which I have read but not seen).  It may have already started to air for all I know, since I don’t watch Lifetime very often, but here’s the upcoming schedule for the movie.  Next airing is November 19th.  And if you were going through withdrawal from not seeing James Van Der Beek on TV in a really really long time, other than in Ke$ha’s music video, which is just kinda gross, here’s your chance.

Any others that I missing?

Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante


While we were honeymooning in California, we met up with a friend of my husband’s in San Francisco.  We were talking about books and I mentioned my blog, and he recommended a new book recently released by a friend of his.  I downloaded it during dinner because it sounded so fascinating (but didn’t start reading it at dinner, because of course that would have been rude).

In “Turn of Mind”, Dr. Jennifer White is a retired orthopedic surgeon in her 60′s.  She also has been diagnosed with dementia.  It also just so happens that her best friend, Amanda, was recently found murdered.  Jennifer has her good days and her bad days and often doesn’t even realize that Amanda is gone or who her children are.  Jennifer’s husband passed away a few years ago and Jennifer often mistakes her son for her late husband.  She has a caretaker who she sometimes doesn’t recognize and she has escaped from the house on multiple occasions.

What is even more confusing for Jennifer is the fact that she is being questioned as a suspect in the case of Amanda’s murder.  Amanda was found with several fingers severed… in a manner than only an expert could do.  Does Jennifer remember what happened?  Did she do it?  And if she did, what would possess her to kill her best friend?

The story is told from Jennifer’s perspective, bouncing back and forth between coherent and way far gone into the depths of dementia.  This was one of the most uniquely written books that I have personally ever read.  You are getting a firsthand account of what a person may go through when suffering from dementia and it is both extremely sad (particularly if you know anyone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) and completely enthralling.  It’s a murder mystery where the suspect doesn’t even know if they committed the crime.  There are actually some funny parts to the story but some heartbreaking ones, too.

I found a great interview with Alice LaPlante if you want to learn more about the back story and why she wrote about dementia.  This is her first novel and I really hope to see something else from her in the future.  Trust me, you will not want to put this book down after you pick it up.

Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger

I can’t remember why I chose to buy this book.  Maybe it was on sale for the Kindle.  Maybe the summary looked interesting.  Either way, it had been sitting in my queue of unread books on my Kindle for awhile so I decided that it was just the type of book I wanted to read.  I like to mix up my genres and go from chick lit to suspense novels to memoirs and I try not to read two books of the same genre in a row.  Unless two really good chick lit books come out at the same time.

In “Beautiful Lies“, Ridley Jones is a normal 30-something woman in New York City when she gets thrust into the spotlight after saving a little boy from being hit by a car.  Out of the blue, she receives an old photo of a family and a simple note asking “Are you my daughter?”  Ridley is confused but asks her parents about it, who tell her she’s crazy and are offended that she’d even think that she was anything but their daughter.  Right at this same time, Ridley meets her hot new neighbor, Jake, who she is instantly attracted to, although he seems a bit dangerous and Ridley really doesn’t know anything about him.

Ridley confides in Jake about the photo and he immediately offers to help her do some research.  The deeper that Ridley and Jake get into both their research and their relationship, the more troubling things come to the surface about both Ridley’s family and Jake that make her regret not throwing away that picture and never saying a thing.  She starts to realize that the people who she loved and trusted may not be who she thought they were.  But she’s too far in and it’s too late to turn back…

I’m deliberately leaving a lot of details out, so I apologize for the short, vague summary.  I tend to only read the book jacket summary when I first download a book and then leave it sit for awhile before I read it, so I had no clue what this book was awhile when I first started reading it.  I think it helped add to the page-turningness (did I just make up a new word?) of the book.  Some of the reviews online aren’t very positive, but I actually liked this book.  The premise and the whole story is pretty unbelievable in reality, but really, what book isn’t like that?  I was surprised by a few turns that the story took that I didn’t guess beforehand (which I’m usually pretty good at doing).

This was Lisa Unger‘s first novel that came out a few years ago and since then, she’s released a few other books in the same suspense/thriller/mystery/whatever you want to call it genre.  I will be putting her on my list of “must read more of his/her books” authors!

Exposure/Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins

Two books in one post!  I started reading Brandilyn Collins recently because these two books were free on Kindle, of course.  I like reading thriller and mystery types of books as long as they aren’t too complicated; I think I have a pretty short attention span.  Both of these books were really easy to follow but definitely surprised me at the end – but I’m not saying why!!

Exposure” is is interesting because there are really two stories going on within one, each chapter alternates between storylines.  In one story, a bank manager, Martin, partners with the mafia to help pull of a bank robbery, but when the mafia guy comes back to collect the cash, Martin is murdered.  His wife and daughter are a witness to this and then need to figure out how Martin was involved .  Once his wife figures it out, she has to figure out how to keep the mafia away so she doesn’t get herself and her daughter killed, too.  In the other story, a newspaper columnist named Kaycee who writes about her own fear and paranoia.   She soon finds herself in a situation where she’s questioning her fears and wondering if they’re in her own head or if it’s really happening.  When a young girl that she is close to is kidnapped, the fear and paranoia gets worse until Kaycee is finally forced to confront her worst fears.  I’ll let you read the book and figure out the rest!

Dark Pursuit” is about a girl name Kaitlin, a recovering drug addict, who has cleaned her life up, gotten a good job, and has a great boyfriend who is a police officer.  After coming home from work one day to find a dead woman on her bed, Kaitlin knows her boyfriend is involved and is afraid for her life.  She goes to her estranged grandfather for help, who happens to be an author of crime novels.  They devise a plan to keep Kaitlin safe and to confront her boyfriend, of course, things go terribly wrong.

I liked both of these books, they kept me on my toes (is that possible when reading a book?) and I wanted to turn the page to see what happened next.  Most of the mystery/thriller books that I like happen to have a female main character; perhaps it helps me identify with them more.  Brandilyn Collins has a number of other books in this genre and most of them seem to be parts of short (three to four book) series.  If all of her other books are like these two, I’ll definitely keep reading.

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