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There was recently an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled “25 novels use Western Pennsylvania as a setting in 2009” that caught my eye.  I’ve never read any novels that used Pittsburgh as a setting, although I’ve seen a bunch of movies that have (I’m on a kick – my Netflix queue is filled with Pittsburgh movies right now).  When I put this link out on Twitter, I was informed that one of the ones on the list, “American Rust“, was definitely worth a read.  Some of the others on the list look interesting to me, especially the ones written by local doctors.  If you’re a local music fan, you may be interested in the two novels written by singer-songwriter Bill Deasy.

There have been popular books in the past that were based in Pittsburgh, such as “Mysteries of Pittsburgh“, which became more well known when the actress Sienna Miller came to Pittsburgh to film the movie and said some lovely things about the town.  I haven’t read the book (or seen the movie), but someday would like to.

If you just type the word “Pittsburgh” into the Amazon book search bar, over 144,000 results come up (many are about Pittsburgh history or are photo books, but there is definitely something for everybody).  I’m sure that there are so many good books in that list that have gone under the radar.  What books have you read that are either by a Pittsburgh author or are set in the Western Pennsylvania area?  If it’s something you liked, pass the word along… support your local authors and read local!

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